I am a member of the staff at Indiana University. I make an important, integral contribution on the team that facilitates teaching, learning, and research in Bloomington, Indiana, and university-wide.

As a professional, I hold myself to the following standards and encourage my colleagues to do the same: 

  • Ownership of my area of responsibility on campus via proactive, timely communication and action whenever needed to advance or prevent barriers to the university’s mission. 
  • Persistent personal initiative to seek out authoritative new information pertinent to my position for answers to questions and clarification of pending or unresolved issues. I take pride in research to keep myself informed, always insisting on solid references and doing my part to stamp out mere rumor and hearsay. 
  • A lifelong attitude of learning. As a matter of course, I expect to maintain ongoing personal study to stay abreast of emerging trends and professional practices both in my field of expertise and applying generally to staff duties. 
  • Assertive, positive, leadership. Each of us appointed as staff is a leader, whether by personal example alone or by specific responsibility for one or more other employees or volunteers at the university. I endeavor to apply the best practice of leadership and a conscious mentoring of those who look to me for example and direction. 
  • Highest standards of communication, collaboration, and courtesy with all members of the IU community in any matter where we deal with each other. 

I am a staff member at Indiana University, proud of the university and my contribution to its mission. Even in the most uncertain times, I understand that there are actions that I can personally take as a professional that can individually and collectively improve our institution and working environment. I will strive to make each day at IU better and set high standards for myself, my colleagues, and my university.