Staff COVID-19 Survey Results

Barriers to effectively working remotely as identified by employees (multiple selections allowed):

Lack of space32.9%
Lack of technological equipment24.8%
Job functions are not suited for remote work19.9%
Lack of reliable internet access19.2%
Lack of technological training3.1%

Employees’ biggest barriers and concerns, particularly as they affect their ability to conduct job duties:

Feelings of anxiety or isolation21.0%
Fear for future career opportunities16.9%
Childcare/Kids out of school12.3%
Job insecurity beyond what IU guarantees11.8%
Keeping up with changing guidelines11.0%
Pressure to be productive5.6%
Lack of reliable internet access (at home)4.7%
Caring for another member of my family3.9%
Inability to perform job functions remotely2.7%
Food insecurity0.9%
Unsafe home environment0.1%

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